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Please Note: These instructions only apply to ubermix versions 1.0 through 1.08x. They no longer apply as of version 1.3 and up. If you are using an older 0.9x version of ubermix, see Cedar Trail Update for instructions.

Intel recently (early 2012) released new N2x00 series Atom processors for use in low power devices (like netbooks). These processors contain a special GPU that requires a custom configuration to become fully functional (ie, in order to use external ports, set resolutions, etc.) Fortunately, this configuration is quite simple with ubermix 1.0. Follow these steps:

  1. Boot your machine and open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t)
  2. Type: sh /usr/local/lib/cedartrail/fix.sh followed by the enter key.
  3. Reboot your machine

Once updated, the device should perform better, and the external video ports will work as expected.

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