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If you use network share folders, Ubermix computers can access these folders just like Windows machines. However the default domain on Ubermix computers is "Workgroup" Students can type in their username, password, and enter the correct domain when accessing network folders, but to make it easier you can set the default domain

If your school uses an actual domain you can edit the default domain to save some typing:

  1. Boot into the read only file system (ESC to enter restore menu on boot, press e, on the last line replace aufs with generic, ctrl x)
  2. Open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t)
  3. Type sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf
  4. Search for the word workgroup
  5. Change the line that reads workgroup = WORKGROUP to read workgroup = yourdomain
  6. Save the file and reboot
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