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Please note: These instructions only apply to ubermix 0.9x. ubermix 1.x packages and setup are coming soon.

The Dell Inspiron Duo is a unique machine with a built in touchscreen and a number of other innovations. In order to make the most of these innovations, some modifications to the default ubermix are required. These modifications work well on both stable and bleeding-edge ubermix (they also should work on any current version of Ubuntu), however bleeding-edge is recommended, as its interface is a bit more touch friendly. To install the Inspiron Duo mods, be sure to first connect to the internet, then:

  1. Download and extract duo-setup.tar.gz.
  2. Locate the "duo-setup" folder you just extracted, open it, and double-click on "". When prompted, select "Run in Terminal"
  3. Follow the prompts

When this completes, reboot and your Duo will be touch ready. The first thing you'll want to do is a "4 point calibration" of the touchscreen by going to "Accessories" and clicking on "eGalaxTouch Utility"

Be sure to install the ChromeTouch extension in Chrome to make your web browsing experience more enjoyable and note the "Zoom In/Out" and "Screen Orientation" options in Jupiter (the lightning bolt in the bar at the top of the display.)

This package does the following:

  • Installs DKMS drivers and libraries for both the accelerometer (device that detects the orientation of the screen) and the CrystalHD video decompression accelerator in the Duo, which enables it to play 1080p HD video. Accelerated Flash video playback is also enabled.
  • Installs and optimally configures the Florence virtual keyboard for use with the touchscreen.
  • Configures that magnetometer to detect when the device moves in and out of tablet mode, which it uses to enable an auto-rotate feature for the display when in tablet mode. Auto-rotate is disabled automatically when the display is flipped back to laptop mode.
  • Installs a recent version of the eGalax touchscreen driver and configuration utilities
  • Fixes a quirk with the built-in audio features.
  • Adds a Zoom In/Out icon under Accessories. This is particularly useful when in tablet mode, as onscreen elements can be rather small when the screen is at its default resolution.
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