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ubermix versions 0.911+ now support changing the size of the "User Changes" space (for details about how ubermix recovery works, see the ubermix About page). A word of caution, however: the larger the "User Changes" space is, the more a user will stand to lose in the event that their system requires a reset. A reset won't cost a user their files/work, just any applications and/or configuration changes they might have made. However, more space means more applications, which means it could take longer for a user to reinstall/reconfigure after a reset.

By default, the "User Changes" space is set to 1 Gigabyte, which is plenty for most applications. If, however, you decide you'd like to make more space available to yourself/your users, you can change the size of this space by editing a text file on the install key. Please note that this edit must take place before the software is installed, as it affects the layout of the disk. This method will not allow you to resize the space on an existing installation.

The file that sets the size of the "User Changes" space is named "user_size.dat", and is installed at the root of all version 0.911+ install keys. It is a simple text file that can be edited in any text editor, although we recommend editing it on an ubermix device, just to ensure that you don't end up with any goofy, Windows line endings. Double-clicking on most systems should enable you to open and edit it.

Once the file is open you will see that it just contains a number (131 by default). This number tells the ubermix installer how much space to reserve for the "User Changes" space, and is calculated as follows:

Number of Gigabytes X 132 - 1

So, if you want to reserve 2 Gigabytes for the user changes space, your would change this number to 263 (2 X 132 - 1). 4 Gigabytes would be 527 (4 X 132 - 1), and so on. Very Important: DO NOT press enter and add a return at the end of the line, or your install will fail! Once you have set the number to your liking, save and exit.

Once saved, every subsequent install from this key will have a "User Changes" space set to your specifications.

NOTE: Version 2+ uses standard numbering in megabytes. The default is now 4GB, so the file will read 4096.

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