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Please Note: These instructions apply only to ubermix versions prior to 0.914. As of 0.914, this change has already been made to the default key

In very rare circumstances on certain hardware you may see an Input/Output (gzip) error on the screen on install, followed by a series of other errors and ultimately an error that says that files were removed from the key. What is in fact happening is the device does not properly support irq polling, which causes the USB hardware to spontaneously turn off during the install process, ultimately leading to an input/output error. To fix this problem:

  1. If you haven't already, hold down the power button until the machine turns off. Then press the power button to turn it back on and follow the same steps you did prior to get it to but from a USB key.
  2. When it is starting to boot from the install key you will be prompted for a few seconds to "Press ESC to enter the menu...". When you see this, press the ESC key on the keyboard
  3. When you see "Ubermix" on the screen (the only menu option), press the 'e' key to edit.
  4. Arrow down to select the line that begins with "kernel" and press the 'e' key again to edit.
  5. Arrow left until the cursor is in the spce to the right of the word "irqpoll" and press the backspace key to delete "irqpoll" from the line.
  6. Press the "Enter" key to save your changes, then the 'b' key to boot.

The install process should then succeed without issue. If you wish to change this option on the key itself (for future installs), you can edit the "menu.lst" file in the boot->grub folder on the key itself.

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