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The Acer AspireOne D250 and HP Mini 311 (and perhaps others) with Broadcom B/G wireless adapters have a faulty BIOS configuration that can cause them to hang intermittently on boot when attempting to install the ubermix system using the ubermix-key. To resolve this issue, follow steps 1-4 on the Download & Install page, except this time press the "esc" key on your keyboard when you see "Press ESC to enter the menu" immediately after pressing Enter on step 4. Then do the following:

  1. Press "e" to edit the Ubermix menu option
  2. Press the down arrow to select the line that begins with "kernel"
  3. Press "e" again to edit that line
  4. Press the space bar to add a space, then type in "noapic nolapic" at the end of the line (do not type the quotation marks)
  5. Press "Enter" on your keyboard to save the change. Note that this change is temporary - these procedures must be #repeated for each subsequent use of the key.
  6. Press "b" on your keyboard to boot the machine

After performing these steps, your machine should boot and install properly from the key.

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