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Please Note: These instructions only apply to ubermix version 1.0 and greater.

A few manufacturers - HP in particular - like to use Ralink wireless adapters in their devices. While most will work out of the box, a few newer models have included the Ralink RT3562 card, which requires a custom driver to function. This driver interferes with other wireless cards, unfortunately, so it must be installed manually before it will function properly. This is an easy thing to do on ubermix 1.0 or greater. Follow these steps:

  1. Boot your device and open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t)
  2. Type: /usr/local/lib/wireless/fix.sh followed by the enter key
  3. Reboot your machine when the driver install is complete.

If you want this install to survive a reset, you'll want to install the drivers in "generic" mode, with the user changes space disabled (see ubermix Customization for details).

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