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There are two branches for ubermix, 2.x and 3.x, which correspond with Ubuntu's regular and "Long Term Support" (LTS) releases. In general, for most applications we recommend using the most recent release available.

ubermix 3.x: ubermix 2.x-1.x
Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) - Updates through May 2019

Please note: All non-kernel updates will automatically apply through the normal update process, so unless you are in need of updated hardware support, a download and install should never be necessary.

3.23 (July 2017)
Cinnamon update to 3.4
Reworked displays applet to properly rotate touchpad/touchscreen on display rotate.
Reworked systray applet to auto scale icons all the time.
Added scripts to enable touch UI scaling/themes/on-screen keyboard for convertible/touch devices.
Added a custom small keyboard for onboard that makes more sense for small laptops.
Updated Scribus to 1.5.3
Updated Inkscape to 0.92
Major kernel update on key and image to handle newer EMMC hardware.
Added on-screen caps-lock indicator.
Upstream updates.

3.22 (April 2017)
Fixed a bug in the locale settings control panel app that prevented it from completing a locale switch.
Made the automount folder cleanup at startup safer (see here for details)
Applied latest upstream updates, including slight kernel bump.

3.21 (March 2017)
Minor kernel update.
Shaved several seconds off of boot time.
Added firmware for latest Kaby Lake CPUs.
Applied latest upstream updates.

3.20 (02/13/17)
Updated to latest LTS release, including new kernel (4.8.x) and graphics subsystem (xorg).
Applied latest upstream updates.

3.12 (12/20/16)
Update to Cinnamon 3.2.
Updated Arc themes to new Cinnamon specs.
Updated to latest 4.4 kernel.
Updated bootloader packages.
Applied latest upstream updates.

3.11 (10/02/16)
Updated sudoers to better support snapd.
Add hold on grub_efi packages after install for better update mgmt.
Added smbclient for better windows printing.
Added browser-check back, by popular demand.
Major kernel/drivers update.
Updated Intel wireless firmware.
Fixed nemo (file manager) theme issue.
Applied latest upstream updates.

3.10 (7/20/16)
Fixed myriad errors with ArduinoIDE compilation and USB comms.
Put hold on all grub packages.
Updated bluetooth status icon sizes to better match existing icons.
Applied latest upstream updates (point release).
Kernel update.
Cleaned up bootloader config files.
Updated key properly calculate blockcount for custom images.

3.03 (7/10/16)
Install key: Properly offer backup option when disk structure is incompatible with install image.
Install key: Reduced load time.
Updated kernel.
Applied upstream updates.

3.02 (6/20/16: automatic update - no need to download/reinstall)
Added icedtea-plugin for java applets in Firefox.
Added a backup option to the install key that will use free space on the IMAGE partition to backup existing files on a clean install if enough space is available.
Updated audacity default tmp dir.
Moved tuxpaint save dir to Pictures, so it is easy to find.

3.01 (6/14/16)
Added additional lvm tools.
Updated reset to remove spurious error messages..
Fixed startup slowdown on first boot/reset..

3.0 (June)
Auto fix google repos which STILL update to include i386 and generate errors (c'mon google, get it together).
Re-added auto update script.
Removed browser-check, since it is no longer necessary.
Added lvm to the default initramfs.
New kernel.

Added exfat support.
Fixed some icons not appearing in dock.
Clean up apt cache at startup.
Fixed browser-check firefox updates.
Moved Plank (dock) settings to cinnamon system settings panel.
Fixed incrontab table typo.
Updated default user space size to 8Gb, to accommodate updates.

Added back power statistics and system monitor.
Added browser-check.
Enabled source repos by default.

Updated bluetooth icon that always appeared to be off.
Removed vbox client X11 modules.
Dropped Openshot as both new and old vers are just too buggy.
Added PiTiVi to replace Openshot.

3.0alpha6 (2016-05-19)
Released to testers.

Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) - Updates through May 2017

2.51 (March 2017)
Applied latest upstream updates.
Removed Google repositories from Lite (32 bit) version, as Google no longer supports 32 bit.
Removed Google Chrome from the Lite (32 bit) version since it is too out of date to be useful.
Added Chromium to the Lite (32 bit) version as an alternative to Google Chrome.
Updated kernel for better hardware support.

2.5 (August 2016)
Updated both versions to Ubuntu 14.04.5
Kernel update to 4.4 (xenial)
Graphics server and drivers updated to xenial

2.42 (May 2016)
Updated Google WebDesigner repo that no longer supports i386.
Fixed legacy boot on updated install key.
Kernel update to matching xenial version.
Applied latest upstream updates.

2.41 (March 2016)
Updated Chrome repo to avoid spurious error now that they no longer support 32bit.
Updated browser-check to handle Chrome no longer supporting 32bit.
Minor kernel update.

2.4 (March 2016)
Major LTS update to 14.04.4
Updated installer key to newer kernel for better hardware support.
Updated install key EMMC storage handling.
Prevent overwrite of USB3 install keys on install.
Major kernel update to 4.2.
Major xorg server update to wily.
grub-efi updates.
Update to Openshot 2.0.
Add browser-check to default image to keep browsers up-to-date.
Update cinnamon to 2.8 stable.
Changed the partition layout on the install key to make it easier to increase the key size for custom images.

2.32 (December 2015)
Updated guvcview (webcam capture) for compatibility with newer kernels.
Minor kernel update.
Auto hostname better support for wireless only devices.
Added mintlocale for better foreign language handling.
Applied latest upstream updates.

2.31 (November 2015)
Added exfat support by default for Doug.
Remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules to delete cruft from net connections on image prep.
Add curl to default install.
More aggressive swapfile creation for Cloudbook-style devices with limited memory and storage.
Minor kernel update.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates.

2.3 - August 2015
Sync with upstream Trusty 14.04.3 LTS release.
Update to newest Xorg (GUI/Graphics) server from Vivid.
Update to LibreOffice 5.0

2.24 - July 2015
Updated UI to Cinnamon to 2.6 stable build.
Added a themes package to ubermix repo to facilitate easier updates after cinnamon changes.
Major kernel update to 3.19 from vivid.
Disabled automatic kernel updates to improve end user experience.
Updated efi grub packages so that end user updates in normal mode don't generate errors on UEFI systems.
Added updated upstream firmware for Intel 7260 wireless.
Applied latest upstream updates.

2.23 - July 2015
Improved MTP connections on Android devices.
Fixed Java apps (jar files) launch from the GUI.
Re-added icedtea-plugin so applets work again.
Fixed full restore Cinnamon menu occasionally going back to defaults.
Updated kernel and Intel video driver.
Fixed etc and usr ownership/rights.
First pass at supporting install on (cheap) devices with onboard MMCs (like HP Stream, Asus TXXX, etc.)
Applied latest upstream Ubuntu updates.

2.22 - June 2015
Added "Loading" text at end of boot countdown to improve user experience.
Reduced desktop load time.
Rotated toggle switches to more western "left-to-right" orientation.
Update Rhythmbox to upstream 3.2
Update Blender to upstream 2.74
Switch to Firefox from old Flash 11x plugin to FreshPlayer plugin.
Fixed Pencil palette layout to prevent window from becoming immovable on small screens.
Added 2.21 install key fix to 2.22L (lite) version.

2.21 - Apr 2015
Fixed an bug that caused custom image updates to fail if the base system partition was bigger than 8 GB.
Fixed Google Earth no longer launching after graphics system update.
Applied latest upstream updates.

2.2 - Mar 2015
Updated to latest Trusty point release 14.04.2
Hardware enablement stack, including new kernel and graphics server/drivers.
Restored clock to 12hr mode.
Added onboard on-screen keyboard (for touch devices).
Removed vbox startup message when not running vbox.
Updated synaptics touchpad to latest upstream and patched for proper palm detection.
Updated Inkscape to latest upstream.
Updated Pinta to latest upstream.
Added thermald for better batt life/heat handling on fanless devices.
Improved disk setup on initial install on Win8 devices.
Applied latest Ubuntu package updates.

2.14x - Feb 2015
Applied latest upstream updates.
Updated Virtualbox Drivers to fix 3D support when running as a VM.
Updated to LibreOffice 4.4
Hide duplicate notification and privacy settings icons.

2.13x - Dec 2014
More aggressive reset code to force eliminate Windows 8 cruft from disks on partition reset. Solves most "no bootable device" issues when installed on former Win7/8 UEFI systems.
Increased default key size to 3Gb to leave plenty of free space for customizers.

2.12x - Nov 2014
All: Kernel and nearly 200 package updates from upstream.
2.12: Updated Cinnamon to 2.4. Many memory leaks plugged and speed improvements.
2.12: Updated grub efi packages to latest.
2.12: Eliminates special image for Acer B115. Current stock 2.12 is now fully functional.

2.11x - Oct 2014
2.11: Further stability and performance improvements to google-earth on 64bit.
2.11L: Add DVD playback code (already in 2.1).
2.11L: Removed unnecessary usb-creator package from 2.1L.
2.11L: Switched to official mate-desktop repo in 2.1L and updated.
2.11/2.11L: Kernel update.
2.11B: Update B115 image to deal with Intel graphics issues, inconsistent firmware, keyboard/touchpad issues.
All: Updated Chrome/nss libs for full Netflix support.

Updated LibreOffice to 4.3
Updated base to 14.04.1
Fix Numpty Physics crash

Added ubermix auto update script back to the Lite version.
Updated kernel and VBox extensions.
Updated cinnamon to latest.
Applied latest upstream updates.

Resolved an issue that prevented network icon from appearing.

Stability improvements for google-earth on 64bit (updated through ubermix-settings in Synaptic/apt).
Added an expert option to create a legacy partition map for systems that can't handle GPT (ie won't boot after install).
Cleaned up Mac dual boot install code.
Applied latest upstream updates.

Created a parallel 32-bit "ubermix Lite" build of ubermix with a lightweight, 2D interface for older hardware.
Updated installer to dramatically simplify side-by-side installations with OSX on Apple hardware.
Added updated Broadcom driver installer to the image itself, particularly for those using Apple hardware with only wireless Internet built-in.
Applied latest upstream updates.

Switched top panel to unlocked rather than locked by default. To lock/unlock panel, execute "sudo panel-lock" or "sudo panel-unlock" from the terminal.
Updated panel-lock script to record current settings, for those who wish to customize and then lock the panel.
Installer now reports battery charge level for most devices.
Applied latest upstream updates.

Improved app-splash width calculation and tmp icon filenames.
Added additional firmware files.
Subscribed to ubermix ppa and added Trusty.
Added multi-user default settings.
Disabled guest login.
Fixed an install issue when installing over ubermix v1 that req disk reconfigure.
Fixed external disk automount.
Resolved hang on suspend/shutdown/reboot issues on some systems.
Added Pinta (mid-range paint program) now that it is more stable and refined.
Locked the panel by default and added panel-lock/unlock scripts.
Updated kernel update scripts to better handle extensions on extra driver installs (like bcmwl-kernel-source).
Applied latest upstream updates.

Added LibreOffice and Gimp help files
Removed GDM.
Remove gnome-settings-daemon et al
Fixed a boot flag bug in the installer for msdos partition types.

Created "app-splash" package that gives feedback on app launch in the form of a bubble centered on the screen. Particularly useful on slower systems, as Cinnamon doesn't give any indication apps are loading.
Fixed Cinnamon settings "Users and Groups" fail to load.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates.

Gave up on trying to detect disk config based on BIOS (UEFI or Legacy), as there are too many buggy BIOS implementations out there. Instead, installer now makes an "educated guess" based on existing disk format, and prompts the user if it can't figure it out.
Cleaned up installer prompts. Instead of offering two possible answers, all prompts ask for just one and presume the default on enter. Should make actions clearer.
Improved grub switch to UEFI on install. New grub.cfg offers specific UEFI options in the menu and is more reliable, especially on Apple hardware.
Myriad overall installer reliability and performance improvements.

Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) - Updates through May 2015
1.5 - Oct 2014
Updated to latest LTS release - 12.04.5.
Updated LibreOffice to 4.3.
Updated kernel.
Updates to Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.

Increased base system partition size to accommodate significant updates.
Updated kernel, graphics, Xorg, Chrome, Firefox, Libreoffice.
See [1] for additional details.

Added back launcher localizations.
Update Gimp to 2.8.8.
Significant updates to kernel, xorg server, Intel video driver, and wireless drivers/wpa encryption/performance.
Applied latest upstream Ubuntu updates.

Updated OpenShot to 1.4.3
Minor kernel update
Resolved an issue with login screen not appearing on some systems.
Updated default simple updates archives to latest
Applied myriad Ubuntu updates

Update Ubuntu Precise base to major rev 12.04.3.
Change ubermix version number scheme to match LTS point releases, for clearer parity (ie Ubuntu 12.04.3 = ubermix 1.3).
Update xorg to LTS Raring (Ubuntu 13.04) version 1.13.
Swap out Linux kernel to Raring version 3.8.x, now that LTS has caught up to ubermix. Eases troubleshooting and support, now that we match Ubuntu.
Added script that enables kernel updates to be applied direct from Ubuntu, allowing for end-user kernel updates without breaking ubermix.
Removed Cedar Trail fix script, as it is no longer necessary.
Downgrade Google Earth to 6.2.2 and fix, due to v7x incompatibilities with lower end Intel graphics.
Applied latest upstream unity-2d and patched.
Updated grub/scripts for better text mode handling. Also added option to hold shift at startup to get to the reset menu. Easier for end users to get to.
Updated hibernate scripts to reflect newer grub config/kernel setup.
Removed zram due to hibernate conflicts.
Updated Libreoffice to 4.1.1
Updated GIMP to 2.8.6
Updated Broadcom Wireless driver package in the ubermix ppa to support 1.3 kernel/config.

Updated LibreOffice to 4.1
Updated Google Earth to 7.x
Removed unnecessary lang translations in man pages, etc.
Made help point to Ubuntu help by default, instead of Gnome Desktop Help.
Fixed base system partition resize so that it works with buggy UEFI BIOSes.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates.

Update brightness fix to meet needs of Asus 1015e.
Fix Chrome update script so that standalone app icons work properly (regression caused by prior Chrome fix).
Force an apt (package list) update before launching software center to avoid "not found errors" when package list gets out of date.
Created and added an "ubermix-settings" package and added to the ppa so that settings and script updates can be applied to prior versions with a simple system update.
Apply latest Ubuntu updates.

Added appropriate default settings so that those who wish to do multi-user logins will see the same environment for each user.
Enabled zram for better performance in low-memory situations.
Updated image_prep.sh to fix an issue created by enabling swap in prior updates.
Updated Chrome fix to prevent keychain password requests (again).
Improvements to wireless reliability/performance.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates.

Updated kernel to v3.8.5, bringing performance/reliability improvements on the latest hardware.
Updated xorg modesetting driver to 0.7.0 for better performance on Cedartrail.
Added Bluetooth firmware for newer Atheros 9K/3K combo cards.
Eliminate spurious "GUID Partition Table Detected" errors on install.
Further refine settings for Elantech clickpads.
Updated CD install iso to current key install code.
Update GIMP to 2.8.4 and remove holds on GIMP packages.
Updated AMD/ATI driver install package to latest beta.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates.

Put default simple updates mods.tar.gz file back on the key. If you have a 1.07x key, don't redownload, just follow the instructions here under "New simple updates files" to get the missing file for your key.

Re-enabled NAT and Redirect module in kernel netfilter so that parental controls will work properly (oops).
Cherry-picked a few upstream kernel patches.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates.

Updated to Ubuntu 12.04.2 base.
Added "browser-fix" application to automatically undo right-click disable on firefox/thunderbird updates.
Prevent Chrome from asking for a keyring password on startup.
Remove unnecessary English dialects from LibreOffice.
Major kernel update to 3.7.9 (improved hardware support).
Add Cypress PS2 and cyapa touchpad drivers.
Add elusive alx driver for hard-wired ethernet on x201e and others.
Update unionfs scripts to bypass mountall entirely, since mountall updates are always buggy.
Make mtab sane on boot after unionfs premounts, reducing shutdown/reboot delays.
Update LibreOffice to 4.0.1.
Update group memberships to meet new security requirements (audio,video,etc.)
Auto update bluetooth hostname to match system name.
Update brightness fix to handle special needs of Asus x201e.
Update hibernate setup script for new kernel.
Add custom touchpad configs for Elantec and Cypress APA touchpads, enabling right-click.

Fixed an issue that prevented devices with usb keyboards from making selections at the reset menu.
Added the ubermix apt repository and removed other no-longer-necessary repos.
Updated GIMP.
Disabled automatic upstream updates to mountall, as it currently breaks aufs.
Applied latest upstream updates from Ubuntu.

Changed getdeb apt repo to a mirror, since getdeb appears to be down for an extended period of time.
Automatically create and enable swapfile on systems with >32Gb storage to improve stability in low memory situations.
Applied latest updates.

Added Spanish translations to boot/reset scripts.
Fixed Cheese video recording.
Updated GIMP, ubermix panel.
Applied myriad Ubuntu updates.
Updated default simple updates packages to prevent them from stepping on newer package databases.
Added back sound control panel and Show System ID to default simple updates packages.
Made vino and italc play nice together in default simple updates package.

Further mods to Broadcom wireless driver to improve performance/reliability.
Moved Audacity tmp dir in config to improve reliability on large projects.

Updated Broadcom wireless driver to improve performance/reliability with new kernel.
Updated hibernate setup to include cosmetic upstart logging fix.

Update base to Ubuntu 12.04.1 (ie applied latest updates.)
Remove GIMP from Maximus exclude list, now that we are single window and can safely maximize.
Flip application switcher icon for more standard perspective.
Handle multiple workspaces better with application switcher (Urko Masse fix).
Change owner of /usr back to root.
Eliminate bogus upstart logging errors (unable to get pty) at startup.
Updated GIMP to 2.8.2
Updated kernel, drivers, etc.

Applied latest Ubuntu updates.
Eliminated low disk space warning for base partition.

Updated Intel Wireless (iwlwifi) driver to improve reliability/performance.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates

Update internal version number.

Update GIMP to 2.8 and mod prefs window to fit on 10" screen.
Add a "Chrome" option that boots into Chrome only, a la ChromeOS.
Update kernel to improve overall stability and performance, including Atheros (ath9k) wireless connection reliability.
Eliminate startup delay loading the network indicator.
Reduce startup time.
Minor Thunderbird UI cleanup.
Eliminate "low disk space" warning for base sys partition.
Apply latest updates from Ubuntu.

Update Broadcom wireless to STA driver for improved compatibility and performance.
Make the unlock keychain password prompt go away.
Upgrade to Skype 4.0 (just released)
Save alsa mixer settings for quirky audio cards.
Add options for those afflicted with Synaptics Clickpad button-less touchpads (see Clickpads for instructions).

Minor Firefox UI cleanup

Improved Software-Center performance.
Actually fixed wireless settings persistence this time.

Updated kernel to 3.3.2 - improved webcam performance and resolves issues with webcams in Flash applications.
Improved memory utilization.
Applied latest Ubuntu updates

Updated image_prep to prevent wireless settings from being machine specific.
Updated home_prep to delete more unnecessary cache/temp files, further reducing disk space requirements.
Fixed launcher issue that prevented it from bringing active app windows to the front over time.
Fix disk scan option at startup.

Fix install on EeePC 1000HA devices.
Remove Displays & Printers from System Settings (unnecessary duplication).
Block grub packages from updating.
Add installer to enable hibernation on some systems.

Fix web links in Ubuntu software center (spurious chrome error).
Turn off chrome "run in background" annoyance.
Optimize Google Earth settings.
Fix Java plugin and adjust security settings.
Fix issue with custom desktop background file paths.
Update /etc/lsb-release to reflect ubermix version.
Improve reliability of "Reset partitions" expert option on the key.
Add additional fonts.
Add Pulseaudio advanced volume controls.
Update default simple updates files for Precise.
Apply Ubuntu, Google, etc. updates.

Fix Zim settings so that errors aren't generated on first run.
Remove unnecessary gwibber services.
Prevent ubermix launcher from appearing on gnome-classic sessions.
Prevent ubermix launcher from appearing in Unity sessions.
Fix Labyrinth new window bug.
Add network-autostart script.
Add additional launcher themes and selector back in.
Fix Tux Paint icon so that it no longer crashes classic launcher theme.
Solved intermittent apps pane scaling issue in launcher.
Patched display properties (lxrandr) adding advanced ubermix options.

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